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1 Week Left to Vote in 2011 America's Best Restroom Contest

Attention Arlington & Chantilly residents:

Your communities are finalists in the best restroom contest and you have a week left to vote for this royal seat. 

From America's Best Restroom Contest:

CINCINNATI, OH, September 13, 2011- Who will be crowned King of the Throne in this year’s America’s Best Restroom Contest? We’ll soon find out! There is only one week remaining for online voting and every vote counts in this year’s tight race.

What to do with Halloween Candy?

Do you dread the pillowcases full of candy that will be coming home with your munchkin on Halloween? Instead of having them chalked up on a sugar high for the next 11 months, persuade them to watch some really cool experiments! This site has some really cool ideas of experiments you can do with Halloween candy that are sure to delight your little ones. Whether it's watching a warhead dissolve into bubbles or seeing an "S" from the word Skittles float to the top of the water, you must try a few of these!

Check out the website HERE.