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Manassas Salon Sells $10 Raffle Tickets to Raise $10,000 for 12-Year Old Cancer Patient

Gaps In DC, Md, And Va Sex Registries

Gaps In DC, Md, And Va Sex Registries

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- There's a big hole in the sex offender registries in DC, Maryland and Virginia -- and it could cost the jurisdictions a fortune.

Our three -- and many other states -- are failing to pass juveniles who commit serious sex crimes on to the adult sex offender registry. That could cost the jurisdictions millions of dollars in federal law enforcement grants.

After a registered sex offender allegedly abducted and killed 11 year old girl on the Eastern Shore, Maryland launched a major initiative to tighten it's laws.

Part of the governor's plan was to ensure that juveniles who committed serious and repeated sex offenses automatically ended up on sex offender registry when they became adults. But that clause was dropped from the final bill.

98 Schools Earn Virginia Index of Performance Awards

From Fairfax County Public Schools:

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is one of eight school divisions in Virginia to be recognized with a 2011 Excellence Award from the Virginia Board of Education.  The awards are presented as part of the Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards that recognize schools and divisions that far exceed minimum state and federal accountability standards and meet or exceed a number of performance indicators.

Park Authority to Demolish Ingleside Avenue Properties

From Fairfax County Park Authority:

The Fairfax County Park Authority will begin the demolition of two houses located on Ingleside Avenue in McLean, VA within the next few days.  The properties were purchased in 2009 for park purposes.  The existing structures are of no historic significance and reuse and maintenance are considered too costly.


Fairfax Parents Group Pushes For Full Day Kindergarten

FAIRFAX STATION, Va.  (WUSA) -- Silverbrook Elementary School is one of the "Forgotten 37" according to a new parents group. It's one of 37 elementary schools in Fairfax County that still does not have full day kindergarten.

"Shocked that we don't have full day kindergarten. Because all the research supports that children need the time to learn," says Shaista Keating.

The mother of two was so disturbed Fairfax County doesn't have full day kindergarten across the board and in her children's school, that she helped start Fairfax for Full Day Kindergarten to pressure the superintendent, school board, and supervisors to allocate the money to make it happen.

"In a $2.2 billion budget," Keating says, the county should be able to find the money to extend all the half-day programs.

Governor McDonnell Proposes Teacher Pay For Performance

RICHMOND (WUSA) -- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is  introducing two programs designed to boost teacher and student performance at under-performing schools, while also saving the state money.

The governor wants to implement a performance pay incentive program. Teachers at 190 schools identified as "hard to staff" will be rewarded up to five thousand dollars if their students meet academic and attendance standards. The governor says the incentive is modeled after one given to state employees.

Governor McDonnell also wants to give a tax credit to businesses that donate money to non-profit organizations that provide scholarships to underprivileged students who attend non-public elementary or secondary schools.

The governor says the state will save money.

Fairfax County Public Schools Will Be Closed Today; Offices Remain Open

Fairfax County Public Schools Will Be Closed Today; Offices Remain Open

From FCPS Outreach:

All Fairfax County public schools will be closed today, January 18, 2011. Offices are open with an unscheduled leave policy in effect. 
The following activities in schools and on school grounds are canceled:
·   extracurricular activities
·   interscholastic contests
·   team practices
·   field trips
·   middle school after-school programs 
·   professional learning and training courses
·   all adult and community education classes
·   recreation programs and community use 

School Age Child Care (SACC) centers are closed.  

Emergency personnel are to report to work.