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Sully Hosts Spain in the American Revolution

This was sent to us from the Fairfax County Park Authority:

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, from noon to 4 p.m., visit Sully Historic Site and discover some well-documented but little known facts about our country’s history.  Did you know that Spanish-speaking nations made great contributions to the success of the American colonies during our struggle for independence from Great Britain?  Soldiers from Spain, the Caribbean and the Americas fought against the British, and Spain provided funding, supplies and military intelligence to George Washington. 

Reenactors from the re-created Spanish Louisiana Regiment will present scenes of 18th century military life including musket and cannon firing, Spanish fencing, and camp cooking. 

Visitors will have an opportunity to “enlist” in the regiment and learn musket drill, and play games that were popular during the Revolutionary War. 

Capital One credit card charge-offs increase

Local credit giant Capital One (based in McLean, VA) has stated that its rate of uncollectible credit card balances increased in the third quarter. Initially, it seemed that consumers were showing progress in paying credit card bills, but with the rate of unemployment continuing to climb, consumers are concentrating on major bill payments such as mortgage and automobile payments.

Charge offs for Capital One have increased from $366.8 million to 368 million continuing to show that consumers are still under stress and enduring financial hardships. It has been noted that while consumers are attempting to make payments on their credit card debt, they are still delinquent in their payments.

It has been found that consumers are using credit cards for basic needs such as groceries, gas and prescription drug purchases. In addition, most consumers are carrying at least $10,000 in credit card debt and have at least 5 credit cards.

Runner's Galore!

Being that it is now Fall, it's time for many communities and organizations holding Runs. There are quite a few going on in the next few months around the area and here are some links to them.

Get out there, get involved, get healthy and run for some fantastic causes!






Volunteer Reception Center Test

The following was sent to us by Christopher Copley of Volunteer Fairfax:

On September 25, Volunteer Fairfax along with Fairfax County agencies are testing their Volunteer Reception Center. This reception center is what is activated during a true emergency which allows Volunteer Fairfax to register and assign roles to volunteers during a disaster. It is basically a giant role play to test out the reception center so we can have it ready for an emergency.

How to save your breasts and your wallet by October 2nd!

Insurance companies state that they are willing to pay 100% of a "screening mammogram", but not for the “I think we found something”; what the @#!$ does that mean?  In my case, I felt a lump, and made the mistake of mentioning it to the technician during my mammogram.  Should I have mentioned the lump, or should have I played dumb?  Well, mentioning the lump cost me $600, and that is with my health insurance coverage (part of that was the “you need to come back because I think we found something” factor).  So two mammograms, $600 out of my pocket, two missed days of work, 4 weeks of no good sleep (because I could not get an appointment any earlier), and a potential ulcer from all the stress….it was normal!  Was it worth it?  Could I have done things differently? Well…. 

What to do with Halloween Candy?

Do you dread the pillowcases full of candy that will be coming home with your munchkin on Halloween? Instead of having them chalked up on a sugar high for the next 11 months, persuade them to watch some really cool experiments! This site has some really cool ideas of experiments you can do with Halloween candy that are sure to delight your little ones. Whether it's watching a warhead dissolve into bubbles or seeing an "S" from the word Skittles float to the top of the water, you must try a few of these!

Check out the website HERE.